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Complimentary Shipping | Handmade Elegant Copper Jewelry That Makes A Statement.

Meet Justin Brown

It all started with a compliment. I was out shopping one day and met someone wearing the most amazing pair of sunglasses I'd ever seen. We struck up conversation and I discovered they were handmade by the wearer. I went home and learned everything I could about wire wrapping and began making custom pieces for myself. After people started complimenting my jewelry and asking where I got it from I knew that it was time to begin sharing my gifts and talents with others. I chose the name "Wired Statements" because all of my jewelry is made with some type of metal wire like copper, silver, or gold for the jewelry esthetes and those with sensitive skin. Everything I create is designed to make a lasting statement.

My work is often intimate and emotional because I put human ashes and other things that people value as sacred to create unique pieces of wearable art that are just as precious as the memories locked inside them.

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  • Quality Guarantee

    Statement pieces should be made of high quality materials that will last for many events and possible be passed down as heirlooms. That's why every wired statement is coated and protected against tarnishing, fading, and leaving your skin green.

  • Gemstones & Natural Stones

    Faceted gemstones are a great way to add personality to crystals. That's why wired statements are made from the best cut stones to ensure that their true beauty is captured and reflected. It's common to see amethyst, ameterine, zultanite, citrine, and topaz in wired statements.

  • Statement

    The mission for Wired Statements is simple. The aim is to use jewelry as a way of helping people to claim their power, overcome adversity, take back their self esteem, and understand the power that lies in crystals and metals.

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