The Best Stones For Wedding Anniversaries And Relationship Milestones

The Best Stones For Wedding Anniversaries And Relationship Milestones

One of the best ways to express your love for your spouse or partner is to commemorate a significant anniversary or other relationship milestone together. One great method to show your appreciation is by presenting them with a piece of jewelry set with a stone symbolic of the occasion. Throughout history, people have used a wide variety of stones, each with its own significance, to mark significant anniversaries and milestones in their relationships.

According to custom, copper is given on the seventh anniversary and diamonds on the sixty-fifth. Stones of all colors and shapes can be found in between, and many of them have special meanings. Gold, the traditional 1st anniversary stone, represents the optimism and new beginnings of a new partnership. Garnet is the traditional gift for the second wedding anniversary because it symbolizes undying devotion, steadfast support, and safety. Pearl, the traditional stone for the third anniversary, is a symbol of enlightenment and innocence. Traditionally, blue topaz has been given on the fourth anniversary to the couple for good fortune and protection, while sapphire has been given on the fifth anniversary to represent loyalty and steadfastness.

The typical stones for the sixth anniversary are amethysts while the seventh anniversary stones are onyxes. While onyx is known for its resilience and is believed to have protective properties, amethyst is known for its calming and relaxing effects. Tourmaline and lapis lazuli are presented on the eighth and ninth anniversaries, respectively. Tourmaline is a relaxing and therapeutic stone, and lapis lazuli is thought to impart insight and understanding.

Diamonds, the classic emblem of eternal love, are the usual gift on a 10th anniversary. Turquoise, which is said to have healing abilities and provide riches and good luck, is the 11th anniversary stone. Jade, representing wealth and plenty, is the traditional gift on a 12th anniversary, while the yellow-orange citrine given on the 13th represents joy and contentment. Ruby, the traditional sign of love and passion, is given on the 15th anniversary, while opal, thought to bring luck and protection, is given on the 14th.

Traditionally, peridot has been given as the 16th anniversary stone because of the good fortune and abundance it is considered to bring. Carnelian, representing power and bravery, is the 17th anniversary stone, while cats eye, representing safety, is the 18th anniversary stone. Aquamarine, the 19th anniversary stone, symbolizes optimism and fidelity, while emerald, the 20th anniversary stone, is thought to provide clarity and honesty.

Silver jubilees are held on the 25th anniversary and pearl jubilees are held on the 30th. Emeralds are the traditional stone for the 35th anniversary, rubies for the 40th, and sapphires for the 45th. Golden jubilee is given in the 50th year, whereas alexandrite is given on the 55th. When it comes to diamonds, the 60th anniversary is the milestone that finally gets commemorated.

You can choose from a wide variety of significant and attractive stones to mark important anniversaries and milestones in their relationships. There is certain to be a stone that will appropriately mark the momentous occasion, whether you are seeking for something classic or something new.
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