What Is NFC Jewelry And Is It Safe?

What Is NFC Jewelry And Is It Safe?

NFC is a wireless technology that allows for data exchange between devices while they are in close proximity to one another. NFC is short for "Near Field Communication."  This RFID-based technology enables the wireless transfer of data between devices, such as payment or contact information.

An NFC tag sends radio waves to activate the antenna in a receiving device. The recipient validates the information to complete information exchange. The technology works over a very short distance — approximately 4 inches. NFC tags work without a battery and draw power from another device like a smartphone or tablet.

As one way to use near-field communication (NFC) technology, small NFC chips are being put into jewelry. These chips can be used to store information, like a link to a website or social network profile, that other NFC-enabled devices, like smartphones, can then access. When the piece of jewelry is close to another device, the wearer can send information to the other device wirelessly.

Jewelry with NFC technology built in can also be used to pay for things without touching a card reader. NFC-enabled smartwatches and rings can be used to pay at stores that accept contactless payments. This means you don't have to use a physical credit card or cash, which can speed up and make transactions easier.

NFC technology is also used to keep track of jewelry. Smart jewelry can track the wearer's location and movement, allowing it to be used for personal security and safety applications like GPS tracking for kids or the elderly.

NFC technology could also be used for authentication and security. A piece of smart jewelry can store digital keys, like a password or code, that can be used to open a device or get into a restricted area.

NFC technology is being built into many different kinds of jewelry for things like tracking, security, and the exchange of personal information. As NFC technology improves, it may become more common for jewelry and other everyday items to have it built in.

A tag that acts like a sticker is placed on the back or inside of each piece in the Wired Statements NFC Collection.  The tags can be re written over up to 100,000 times and last for more than 10 years.

The NFC technology is controlled by a free app that lets you automate tasks and decide what happens when your jewelry interacts with another NFC device.

This is one of the coolest things we've seen someone do with their NFC jewelry.... They used the free NFC Tools app to set up their grandmother's tag so that when she taps her pendant to her phone, it automatically FaceTimes the family group chat.

Now, an 85-year-old woman doesn't have to dig through her phone to find her family. She can just tap her new favorite piece of jewelry to the phone to reach them instantly. 

NFC jewelry is easy to use and very safe. Customers don't need to worry that their personal information will ever be affected or attacked. The NFC Tools app gives users full control over what happens when their NFC tags connect to other NFC devices. If a person wanted to lock their tag so that it could only send and not receive information, they could do so. This would reduce the risk of cyber attacks or security breaches.

NFC technology has been around for a long time, and every day it gets more and more useful.

This is the best gift for artists who love jewelry, stones, & crystals and also know the importance of always being prepared and ready to promote themselves at a moments notice.

Every order of Wired Statements NFC jewelry comes with full instructions on how to set it up and use it. It takes less than one minute to get up and running with the NFC Tools app. 

Once you have your new piece of jewelry you'll download the NFC Tools app, tap your jewelry to your device to activate it, decide what you want your tap to do, set it..... and done! 

You can do this as many times as you want and you can even set automations. One tap could close the garage door, set your security alarm, and set the ac to power saving mode. Or, you could use your tap to send your digital portfolio to an interested customer.

Get the NFC Tools app for Android or Apple devices.

The possibilities are truly limitless. Do you think NFC is something you could see yourself using in the future? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.
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This is amazing information! I’m definitely going to use this technology in my jewelry. I am happy that I was Divinely led to your page! Would you share the name of the app please? I am enthusiastic about starting immediately.! Definitely a game changer!! Peace and Blessings! Mama Gaia


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