Copper Jewelry & Arthritis. Does It Work?

Copper Jewelry & Arthritis. Does It Work?

In addition to its attractive appeal, copper jewelry has been worn for generations due to its medicinal capabilities. Is there any evidence that it reduces arthritic pain? This blog post discusses the potential health benefits of copper jewelry for those with arthritis.

Joint inflammation is the root cause of arthritis's swelling, tenderness, and discomfort. It affects the elderly disproportionately and is a primary cause of disability in the USA. Despite the lack of a treatment, many arthritis sufferers have found relief by wearing copper jewelry.

Copper is a vital mineral that aids in the creation of blood vessels, brain development, and strong bones and teeth, which is why some people believe that wearing copper jewelry might help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. The inflammation and suffering of arthritis may be alleviated thanks to copper's antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Although there is less evidence to support the claim that copper jewelry alleviates arthritic symptoms, many arthritis sufferers have reported feeling better after donning a piece of copper jewelry. Wearing copper jewelry may also assist patients with rheumatoid arthritis manage their symptoms, according to some research.

Despite popular belief, copper jewelry is not a suitable replacement for professional medical care. You should talk to your doctor before trying to treat your arthritis using copper jewelry.

Overall, many arthritis sufferers have reported feeling alleviation from symptoms when wearing copper jewelry, despite the fact that there is not much scientific proof to back up the claims that copper jewelry helps with arthritis. No one should try to replace medical care with copper jewelry. Copper jewelry may be helpful in reducing arthritic pain, but you should get your doctor's approval before trying it.

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