Why Wear Crystal Jewelry? Does It Actually Work?

Why Wear Crystal Jewelry? Does It Actually Work?

In recent years, crystal jewelry has skyrocketed in popularity as both a decorative accent and a statement piece. Many, however, also put faith in crystals' purported metaphysical and spiritual benefits. Crystal healing advocates hold that exposing the body to particular stones can have a positive effect on the wearer's energy and well-being.

It is widely held that crystals have healing abilities on multiple levels (physical, emotional, and spiritual). Some people, for instance, think that by donning a rose quartz crystal, they may better love and accept themselves. Many people also believe that amethyst gemstones can assist alleviate stress and promote mental calmness.

Keep your crystals clean and charged to maintain their useful effects. In this way, you can increase the likelihood of experiencing only beneficial outcomes and positive energies. Crystals can be purified in a variety of methods, including by exposing them to water, salt, sound therapy, sage, or sunlight.

It is believed that allowing water to flow over the stone can dispel any negative energy within it and allow it to be absorbed by the ground once again. Although natural running water, such as a stream, is preferable, a faucet will do in a pinch. Throughout antiquity, salt has been utilized to neutralize bad vibes and rid the world of harmful energy. Gather up some fresh saltwater from the ocean if you happen to be nearby. If it doesn't work, try adding a spoonful of rock, sea, or table salt to a basin of water and tasting it. If you want to soak your stone, you should do so for anywhere from a few hours to a few days with the water level reaching the very top of the stone. Afterwards, you should give it a quick rinse and a quick pat to dry.

Through the use of sound healing, a single pitch or tone can be played over a specific area, bringing everyone and everything there into resonance with the sound. You can achieve this with the help of a tuning fork, a bell, or some chanting. If the sound is loud enough, the vibrations will permeate the stone regardless of the key it is played in.

In addition to its religious significance, sage is also widely used for its curative qualities. Many people believe that smudging a stone can help restore its inherent energy and rid it of harmful vibrations. You'll need sage, either loose or in bundles, a fireproof bowl, and a lighter or matches. Light the end of the sage with the flame when you're ready to begin. To use sage, switch to your nondominant hand, and then take a firm grip on your stone as you wave it through the air. Spend around 30 seconds with the stone immersed in smoke.

Last but not least, larger stones such as quartz clusters, amethyst geodes, and selenite slabs might be useful for removing smaller ones. You can put your stone on top of or inside any of these stones. The larger stone is said to vibrate out any discordant energy in the smaller stone it rests on.

Not sure how to pick the perfect stone or crystal for you? Check out or other blogs that explain this in detail and help you find the perfect stone to match your desired outcomes in life.

So, crystal jewelry is a common practice for those seeking the metaphysical and spiritual advantages of crystals. If you want to get the most out of your crystals and maintain the highest vibration possible, you need keep them cleansed and charged regularly. Crystals can be purified in a variety of methods, including by exposing them to water, salt, sound therapy, sage, or sunlight.

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