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Spider Web Jasper (NFC) enabled necklace

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Spider Web Jasper comes in a wide variety of colors and is well known to be a powerful healing stone. Spider Jasper is believed to ease issues affecting the liver, gallbladder, stomach and bones, improve circulation, ease anxiety, soothe the nervous system, quiets mind.

NFC or near field communication technology makes this a functioning piece of jewelry that can be used for anything involving NFC. A sticker like tag is placed on the back side of the pendant which opens the jewelry up to some spectacular capabilities.

Our favorite way to use NFC technology is to turn our jewelry into digital business cards. One tap of this Peruvian Blue Opal will send people directly to any link you setup. A website, payment links, social media profiles, etc.

Learn more about NFC and how people are using it in their jewelry by reading our most recent blog posts.


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